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  • Anissa Mauger

Shed 3 Construction update

Works continue, despite the weather causing delays, with the structure now completely bare and painted in readiness for the new exterior walls.

The refurbishment, undertaken by Urban Insight Constructions, is starting to take shape with the interior steel frame painted in the popular Monument Grey to replace the previous blue.

The exposed steel frame will be a feature of the redevelopment retaining the original gantry rail system in its structure, which once held a crane that would do all the heavy lifting.

The steel work will be on site next week and the new cladding will be placed onto the building in mid June, transforming the entire building.

Once the roof has been completed, the design for the solar panels will be finalised further emphasising the importance of a green footprint at The Sheds.

The outside beer garden has been levelled in preparation for some incredible mosaic stonework and recycled brick features that will adorn the floors adding to the aesthetics and complimented by the lush garden planned.

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