Artisan Bakery

We want to partner with an amazing and creative local artisan baker who is seeking a smaller retail element to their brand. We want someone who understands a contemporary approach to brand and knows how to create unique and authentic customer experience. Allowing visitors to view “the baking, and making” as part of the production process will help create a destination and put The Sheds on the map.

We are inspired by the following successful operators for their industrial feel, quality offer and overall experience:
• Little Genovese - Coffee Distribution & Cafe, Coorparoo
• Crust and Co., Newmarket
• 100 Mile Table, Industrial Estate, Byron Bay
• The Paddock Bakery, Burleigh Heads

This is the level of detail and commitment we are seeking. If you believe your offer and brand experience is along these lines, then we are likely to be a good match, and we'd love to talk to you. You can take a look at some of our tenancy opportunities over here.

We believe good neighbours attract good neighbours