Progress At The Sheds

Progress Update #3

It's with great excitement that we announce the completion of the landscaping! Thanks to Gianni and the team from Total Landscaping Construction, The Sheds is now flourishing with luscious grass, plants, vines, flowers and much more. A vege patch has been planted, as well as tubs of herbs that will all grow to be used by the food venues.

Progress Update #2

A great deal of progress has been made to the development of The Sheds, as the project gets closer to completion. The cement of the carpark has been laid, the timber awning that will soon be adorned with vines has been built and then 8m high pylon sign has been erected and is now visible to South Pine Rd's dense traffic flow.

This week (13/7) landscaping work will commence and The Sheds will be brought to life by a wonderful arrangement of lush tropical gardens.
The Sheds' logo is also set to be stencilled on the back of shed 2's gable and the leasing signage will be assembled at the top of the pylon sign to encourage enquiries as it's seen by the 1000's of cars daily that travel through Brendale.

Progress Update #1

Despite the last couple of months of Covid-19 throwing a spanner in the works somewhat, we have continued to make some fantastic progress on The Sheds at Brendale. We remain hopeful that we won't be too delayed in our launch and before too long we can open our doors and welcome our local community. We've popped up some photos to give you a small taste of our progress so far. We look forward to seeing you soon, Brendale!